• Sophisticated






    We do love some tweaking … so with this album us Junkies gently massaged the more refined vibes from our beautiful synths. From the Juno to the Prophet, the Liberation to the DX7, the Odyssey to the 303 … we dusted away the dirt and looked for the gorgeous patches. By filtering the waves shapes and softening the edges … we captured something rather special and … well … sophisticated! Sophisticated Synthage Part 1 (Futuristic) … synths all the way from the future.

  • The





    Roll up, roll up! May The Funky Junkies introduce to you  … (drum roll please …) The Happy Tracks Series! Split across four albums … we’ve got those happy clappy things, a load of perky bits, loads of the sweet and lovely stuff … and some silly kiddy choons to round it all off! Basically … if you need folky acoustic happiness … you’ll never need to look elsewhere! We’ve gone and done the lot! Check ’em, out today!

  • Super




    We’ve always said it … The Funky Junkies are here to make you happy … very happy! Come on … you can do it! Turn that frown upside down! Don’t be such a cynic … you look better with a smile on that lovely face of yours! See? Feels good, huh? And so does this album! Uplifting little folky tunes that are bright, breezy and brilliantly easy going! Nice! Super Happy Clappy Tracks … smiley acoustic folk!

  • Super




    Awwwwww …. aren’t your friends just the best? From your gal pals to boyfriends, your solid mates to those buddies you can call on when you’re in need … if you have a best friend or two in your life … then you’re golden! This collection of tracks is all about those people who are always there for you come rain or shine! Just like us Junkies really! Super Contentedly Friendly Tracks … cute acoustic folk!

  • Super




    Cheeky chappies, silly billies, funky … um … junkies  … this one has the lot! The last in our Happy Tracks series of albums really doesn’t take itself very seriously at all! In fact … you could say it’s taking a little more than the mickey! But it’s all harmless fun … with a splash of wonky, a touch of plonky … a little bit slapstick to complete its schtick! So … get those practical jokes at the ready! Super Grinny Mini Tracks … kiddy acoustic folk!

  • Super




    Rise and shine, Campers! That’s right …. it’s time to get up and at ’em! Us Junkies might love a lie in … but there’s musical works to be made! And here’s some we made earlier! The first instalment from our Happy Tracks series featuring peppy choons of sunny guitars mixed with a smidgen of indie and pop! So let’s get this show on the road and let the smiles commence! Roll up, roll up … for some Super Smirky Perky Tracks …. upbeat acoustic folk!

  • Simply



    Plinky Plonky. When you hear those words … you simply know what you’re going to get! So we won’t bore you with the details! Suffice to say that the Junkies filled this album up with more reality plink than you can shake a doco plonk at! Pizzi strings, pretty pianos, dinky orchestras and donky marimbas … all recorded live and direct to lovely warm tape! It was that easy! Simply Plinky Plonky … floaty strings and other things!

  • Filmic


    Forget the blockbusters. You want kudos? You go arty! These tracks are directed for those moments when you need something that feels more personal, independent and a little … well … arthouse. Feathery strings entwined with powdery pianos to soundtrack the love, the loss, the regret and the wonderment of life. So relax … us Junkies made sure that your every colour-graded-shot will count! Filmic Fluffiness … for arthouse cinema and drama.

  • We're







    Last year saw us getting into double figures! 10 Years Young! We asked for a Scalextric but Boss Man Tim said it was more fun to go down the pub! He drank Gin and Tonics … and bought us Cokes and packets of crisps. Cheers Boss Man Tim! Check out some embarrassing photos of us over the years – HERE! Or if you want to read all about it … join our FACEBOOK PAGE!

  • Sweet


    Following on from its zingy sister album Fresh Underscores … this collection of 30 tracks takes things a little softer and a little smoother. Frothy, creamy, dreamy servings gently mixed and mastered by the Junkies to politely sit in the background yet still provide plenty of sensory pleasure! So grab a spoon … and dive in! Sweet Underscores … deliciously understated!

  • Fresh


    We know what it’s like … you’ve always got a thirst on … a thirst for great underscores that is! Well … voilà! This album is packed full of juicy tracks to bed in behind your voiceovers and give your work that little twist of extra zest! And (as we’re The Funky Junkies) we have (of course) included a few tipsy cocktail numbers for you too! Fresh Underscores … understatedly refreshing!

  • Inspiringly


    In this world of doom and gloom, there are actually people out there who want to do good, change the world, walk on the sunny side of the street and make the world better place! It’s a crazy notion, huh?! Us Junkies, like you, actually agree with that ethos … and so we decided to send these good people some support via the power of music! Inspiringly Uplifting … the sky is the limit.

  • Cosy



    Brrrrrrr! It’s getting cooooold out there! But never fear, The Funky Junkies are here and we’ve got your back until April! We’ll bring you warm cups of cocoa, hot water bottles and plenty of glowing tracks to help you through the long winter nights! Throw on your onesie, make yourself yummy and curl up on the sofa with a good book until beddy byes with your bae … yay! Cosy & Calm … 45 winter warmers.

  • Funky


    We’re at it again with the funky shiz! Here’s how us Funky Junkies do it. You’ll need a few slices of breaky beaty drums, a layer of chunky bass, some grated guitars and a dusting of our special mix of brass licks, DJ mixing, vocal samples and synth action! Go warm those amp tubes, fire up the turntable, throw down Funky Grooves, put the needle on the record … and party! Oh … did you make us a sandwich? Thanks! Funky Grooves … it’s the Fun in the Funky!

  • Vintage


    You’ve seen us. Out and about? We look the Don. Right? Right! Whether we’re greasing up, getting down, pogoing in the middle or hippying it out at the festivals … we’ve got the look! This album brings The Funky Junkies’ groovy get ups to the fore with a classic blend of 50s, 60s and 70s vibes lifted directly off the dusty 45s! Vintage Fashions … retro thrift shop threads and styles!



    New to the TFJ website is our very nifty FILTER function. Loving a particular album but want to drill down to the slower tracks? Just type in the word ‘slow’ into the FILTER box and you’ll save precious browsing seconds! You want just the happiest tracks within a playlist? Type in … oh you know what to do! It’s that easy. On you go! Why not start at our latest album – Cutie Kids!

  • Waves



    Scientists, programmers, brainiacs … listen up. The world needs you now more than ever! You do the maths, the complicated research, the analysis of the results … and The Funky Junkies will make the coffees! This album is a comprehensive collection of tracks designed to squeeze out as much data as possible for docos about new theories, new experiments … and how the world will be saved with new ideas! Waves & Pulses … technology, science, research, discovery.



    Do you know what’s going on? Nope. Nor do we. Brexit means Music! No … wait .. Breakfast. Oh … it’s something like that anyway! Here are 50 wonderfully eccentric British TFJ tracks all wrapped up in a little playlist to celebrate Article 50 with (or to play whilst crying into your pint of Stella!)

  • Cutie


    For our 50th release we at The Funky Junkies felt a celebration was due with a very serious album … YEAH, RIGHT! Nah … not really … we know you know we’re just a load of big kids at TFJ Towers! So here’s 50 totally wonky, silly, funny, crazy, jokey, hokey, cokey kids tracks representing the Junkies mental age! Cutie Kids … fun and frolics!

  • Playlist-o-rama!

    Along with a load of other updates we’re pleased to announce that TFJ’s website now has a playlist function! Register an account with us and start putting together your perfect selection of tracks for your next, great project! You can share via email or social media too! We’ve also put together some tasters for you on the PLAYLISTS button above . We’re nice like that!

  • Swag


    Bad boys. The girls love ’em. Gangs, Gangsters and a load of G’s … they just can’t get enough of them! Of course … The Funky Junkies fit right in! Boisterous beats, phat basslines, dope samples … this album packs da club and supplies da musical drugs! Swag Beats … dirty cash hustles with plenty of muscle!

  • A




    Ahhhh … the good old days! Chestnuts burning in the gas oven, Uncle Graham trying to snog you under the mistletoe and great retro choons promoting all those TV repeats! What was there NOT to love about the Christmases of yesteryears!? This album collects up all those quirky, vintage tracks and gives us a trip down Christmas memory lane! So pull up your formica chair, hit the play button and have A Very Retro Christmas. It’s Bontempic, it’s Mellotronic and it’s Nostalgic!

  • Kitchen


    Now … The Funky Junkies can cook. Toast … beans on toast … egg on toast … tinned spaghetti on toast! Come round to our house and we’ll even garnish it with a dusting of pepper! But for when the cooking gets serious … we boil up some beats, stir in some strings and tenderise some tension … bringing you 60 tasty tracks to the table! Kitchen Dramas … cooking sagas and culinary palavers!

  • Winning





    Winning! That’s all we want! Victory after victory after victory … if we’re honest with one another … all we need to know is that we’re on top … every single time. Guess what?! The Funky Junkies are one step ahead of the game! We’re the best at what we do … we’re the winners … and luckily for you … the good stuff is yours for the taking too! Winning Indie – The Rematch … 37 Stadium Anthems!

  • Kooky,




    Surely you’ve worked out that The Funky Junkies are a bit odd by now? Freaky, deeky, weird and wonderful … mixed with some quirks, irks, fun and frolicks! That’s us! So it’s only natural that we put an album together that really mixes things up a little bit! Kooky, Quirky and Peculiar … ditties and oddities!

  • Full


    Sometimes … you gotta play it cool! Here at The Funky Junkies we do like a good knees up … but every now and again we splash on the old Issey Miyake, get down to the classier joints in town and shake our collective booties to some shuffley, funky, deeper house cuts! Like this little lot! (Oh ok … there’s a couple of bangers in there too!) Full House … shuffling funky deals!

  • Gorgeously


    Who knew when they made the first acoustic guitar that six strings and some bits of wood would prove so versatile? From picking and plucking to warm gentle strumming, the guitar brings unique tones that connect to the soul. Add in some cool drums, produced electronica vibes, understated vocals, delicate harmonies and touches of the electric guitar … and us Junkies bring you an album of contemporary folk and guitar works. Gorgeously Guitary … bright, breezy and beautiful.

  • Tip






    Block the street! Jack the power! Set up that sound system! Mr DJ … spin ’em! Light that BBQ … we got chicken to grill! Beatboxers … you’re on! Crack that fire hydrant … girls … it’s bikini time! And you’ll find us Junkies in the middle of the mayhem! Tip Top Drop Top Hip Hop is where we at … and we’re bringing the summer block party starters!

  • Things



    So we got a bit freaky. A little bit weirded out. Heck, sometimes when making this one, we didn’t know what was gonna happen next! A bit like those first 20 seconds of a film trailer. The set up … the anticipation … the “something’s gonna happen but you just don’t have a clue” type moments. Things Happening Mysteriously is strange, sometimes wondrous … but mostly THAT moment at the start of the trailers!

  • Things



    Epic trailer music … but REALLY epic!!! Choirs, orchestras, big rises and huge falls! We’re talking battles in the olden days, aliens from the future … and everything in between! Lush strings, brass blasts and very large drums! You want to let your viewers know who’s the boss? Things Happening Epically …. that’s the one you need!

  • Things



    It’s big, it’s bold, it’s boomy … it’s those huge, massive in-your-face trailer tracks that thrill and fill the audience with excitement! Rolling drums, scary twists … what you think is going to happen … doesn’t! You think it will stop building? You’re wrong! You think it will stop scaring you? Na-ah-ahhhh … think again! Get ready for the ride … Things Happening Loudly … it does just that … turned up to 11 … no … wait ….. 12!

  • Inquisitive



    Curious questions, quirky answers … somehow we’ll get to the bottom of all this! We just have to probe, to change tack, to ask the right thing at the wrong time, think laterally and view from a more strange angle! Inquisitive Documentary Textures complements our Light and Dark versions of the ‘Textures’ albums and fills some gaps that you still need the answers for! Inquisitive Documentary Textures … it’s All The Questions….

  • Light



    Flashes of light, moments of hope, good luck feelings and uplifting scenes, shots and stories! Light Documentary Textures feels like a bunch of subtle joy and happiness … mixed in with a little tender heartbreak. They say it’s always darkest just before dawn. Well … The Funky Junkies have just brought you the dawn! The Funky Junkies will help you through the day! Light Documentary Textures … it’s All The Up Feels!

  • Dark



    There’s a lot of bad news out there. Dark Documentary Textures covers the sombre, the sad and the mad. From far corners through to close to home … we have a lot to deal with … a lot to sort out. Keep reporting the bad news … hopefully it will help us all, collectively make things better and get change happening. Dark Documentary Textures … All The Down Feels.

  • Urbanistica




    Cities … big places with so many people living so many varied lives! In contrast to the Night Hours Edition, this Urbanistica album captures moments through the day and turns them into music. Day Hours Edition soundtracks the success, the enjoyment and those little sparks of excitement that come with the sun lit hours of living in the city! Urbanistica (Day Hours Edition) … 24 City Moments. 24 City Lives.

  • Urbanistica




    As a city changes from day to night, so does its energy. Unlike its sister album – Urbanistica (Day Hours Edition) – the Night Hours Edition becomes moodier, more mysterious and a little bit magical. Pulsing beats, subtle grooves, eclectic electronica … and as always with city life … the odd surprise too! Lovers, night owls and insomniacs unite … The Funky Junkies have soundtracked your evening! Urbanistica (Night Hours Edition) … 24 City Moments. 24 City Lives.

  • Kinda


    We know, we know … “Already?!”, you cry! But hear us out. It’s called Kinda Christmassy … as in ‘not Overtly Christmassy’ … so don’t shudder … embrace! 25 twinkling tracks of uplifting warmth and shivery beauty via wondrous solo piano tracks and delicate orchestral pieces. We also put together 10 carol renditions with a touch of Funky Junkies magic sprinkled in. Consider this an early, cosy Christmas present! Now then … what have you got for us? ;-) Kinda Christmassy … magical, festive, wintery, warm.

  • Retro


    Once upon a time, The Junkies were looking through their old record collection when they suddenly thought “Cor … some of these choons are right ripe for some sampling, cutting, pasting and scratching!” So they took some vintage tracks, added some beats, did a bit of scratchin’ … and pressed record on the tape player. Old skool style! Retro Rewinds .. it’s Big Beat, Lounge, Electro Swing, Hip Hop and some Eclectic Sampledelia … PHEW!

  • Funky


    Somebody call a doctor! 27 cuts of the finest, funkiest tracks this side of 1976! Mmmmm-mmmn! Greasy bass lines, cheeky drum breaks, freaky brass … we got down, got dirty … the TFJ studio was SMOKING! Recorded straight to tape, us Junkies made it like it should be made … red raw … with bumps and bruises! Funky Cuts … so funky it hurts!

  • Do






    Ever wondered what us Funky Ones do all day? Well wonder no more! Click though to our live JunkieCam and see us in all our glorious Technicolor. If the cameras offline it’s probably because we’ve gone into town for some fish and chip s or something … but don’t worry … we’ll be back after a ciggie break or two!

  • Old




    Yo … Brazil ain’t all mankini’s and feathers y’know?! No, no, no! Chilled out bars, street life culture, cool cafes, tucked away record shops … you know there’s even a massive rainforest? So we drew upon all these great traditional latin vibes and got them laid down on wax all special like! Fancy something a bit more bangin’? Then Nu Skool Latin Spirits is your friend! Senhoras e Senhores Deputados … Old School Latin Spirits … it’s Retro-latino-agogo!

  • In



    Are you troubled by a lack of tracks in the middle of the night? Do you experience feelings of dread in your office or edit suite? Have you or any of your colleagues ever wished your music could be better? If the answer is yes, then don’t wait another minute. Pick up your phone and call the professionals. The Funky Junkies! Our courteous and efficient in-house composers are on call 24 hours a day (yes … really!) to serve all your choonage needs. We’re ready to believe you!

  • Nu




    Crack open the Cachaça … we’re The Funky Junkies … and we’re up for the party! Colourful canavals, big time clubbing, some sunbathing on the beach … we absorbed as much of the Brazilian lifestyle as we could muster so you didn’t have to … all in the name of production music! This album all a bit too full on for ya? Don’t worry … check out Old School Latin Spirits! We think of everyone, bebê! Nu Skool Latin Spirits … it’s party time!

  • Licensing




    You can now get quotes and license our music using the new Library Licence Manager from the MCPS/PRS on THIS link. It’s an excellent tool to get a great price for our music … and your license … in just a few clicks! If you have any questions then give us a tinkle or you can phone the media licensing team on 0207 306 4500. Bang on!

  • The








    Oh … and the 30″ Edit and Stings! All The Funky Junkies tracks come with hyper usable alternative mixes! The Main Mix is full on, the Bed Mix has loads of space for a voiceover and the Basic Mix has LOADS of space for sync sound too! We’ve also got lots of other mixes in the TFJ broom cupboard should need them – no vocals, no beats … you name it … we remixed it! Check them out using the drop down menu on each album page or using the new mixer icon … easy, innit?!?

  • Get






    The Funky Junkies are starting up a new ‘composer initiative’ to help young composers get a good start in the production music world … and stop them falling into the trap of ‘royalty free’ composing. If you are a young music composer and would like to know more then drop us a line and we’ll tell you what the initiative is all about!

  • NEW



    Oh my! We’ve tweaked and tinkered with it, we stroked and cuddled up with it! And we love it! With our updated website, you can now favourite tracks, check out remixes, download entire albums, share and email links to individual tracks and find choonage ultra fast using our super boosted Choon Finder! Wanna know more? Chat with The Funky Junkies LIVE using the CHAT button down the bottom of the screen! Phew!

  • The





    Take one rocket. Stick it up a Choon Finder’s jacksie. Waddyaget? A new, improved, faster, speedier, cheekier Choon Finder! Our search has been massaged, tweaked and given a nitrous boost! And with our new search bar, we’ve made things even easier. Your bestest results should come up top … whilst things get quirker lower down the list. The Choon Finder is also continually and dynamically doing clever maths stuff out the back to return even better results all the time! Boffins we are … geeks we be! Check it out!

  • The




    The Funky Junkies, baby! We supply music to the film, tv, radio and advertising industries all around the world, innit! Our music gets used by the likes of the BBC, ITV, loads of BSKYB channels, Channel 5, Channel 4, production companies, all types of national and local radio stations and websites … the list keeps getting bigger and we keep getting funkier! Not in the UK? Check out our overseas agents if you wanna get busy with us!

  • Piano.



    Ahhhh … here’s an album that does exactly what it says on the tin! (Apologies … see artwork … I just type in what I’m given … it was a poor pun … I know it, you know it!) But honestly … this album is sublime. Gorgeous piano and touches of strings played exquisitely by the Junkies, with rhythm, pathos, love, class, regret and with questions unanswered. You’ll have the punters crying in the aisles in no time!
    Piano. For Film. … delicate themes and underscores.

  • 15





    Those that know The Funky Junkies intimately will know we’re country girls at heart. So when we discovered the beautiful Americana of Emme Packer from a small farming community in Utah … we just had to get her music to a wider audience. Emme has a heartbreaking back story of her own which you can read about on her blog. Whilst she battles with that, we’ve promised we’ll do our job and get her songs heard by you. Love, loss, break ups and make ups … it’s all in there … just like our lives … and just like yours.

  • Particularly


    Hipsters of the world Unite! Every coffee shop, every sunny day at the park, every Genius Bar … they shall be ours! Take to the road on your fixies, grow your facial hair as awesome as possible, wear your fluorescent, leopard print skinny jeans with pride. We are the hipsters, the dudes, the dweebs, the geeks, the nerds, the dorks … and of course The Junkies! And we shall inherit the Earth! Particularly Hipstery … so not mainstream!

  • We



    You might have noticed over the past few years that the economy … well … it’s buggered! And you might also have noticed that no one seems to be able to pull their finger out and turn things around! But have no fear … The Funky Junkies are here … and we (the people) are gonna get it sorted! It ain’t gonna be plain sailing … but we bring pure determination, brainstormed inspiration, team motivation and clever innovation to the table. You? You bring the biscuits! We Mean Business … aiming for success!

  • Charidee!

    Every year we pass on some of our music royalties to some people who won’t spend it on studio gadgets! We’re proud to have supported CrisisJigsaw4u10 Million MetresThe Music Therapy Charity, ‘Help Me Hear‘, ‘International Disaster Volunteers‘, ‘Berkshire Festival of Music Arts‘, ‘Hearing Dogs for Deaf People‘ … these people do good stuff! Check ’em out!

  • Posh


    Can we be serious for a moment? Lovely … then we’ll begin. Sublime and sophisticated, glassy and classy. Produced, particular, pretty and plush. We dimmed the lights when recording this one and kept them low when mixing it. Gorgeous grooves meet mellow melodies with hints of orchestras, trip hop, chill and organic acoustica all cuddling up alongside one another … and a few snooty things to boot. Nice. So sit back, relax and get the runner to order in a gourmet burger this time! Posh Stuff … keeping it classy.

  • Phat


    No one can stop it! The rise of E.D.M. keeps, um, rising! Of course us Brits did it all 25 years ago … but things have changed a lot in that time! Look, we’re not talking subtle here, ok? Expect the ruff, the epic, the cheeky, the deep. There are some lighter choons in the middle but overall this one is havin’ it … large … BIG STYLE! Watch ya bass bins! Phat Bangers … explosive electronic dance music!

  • The



    Life. It’s difficult enough without searching for music! What you want is to find it! So boys and girls … we made The Choon Finder! It’s pretty simple. We stayed away from those over complicated search systems and steered clear of the ‘oh so groovy’ ones too! We made it eeeeasy! Press a combination of buttons for the type of choon you’re looking for … and you’re done! BOOM!

  • Going



    During our website re-rub we made sure that it was coded for for your iPad, your iPhone and all manner of other mobile devices that you might own! You can browse our albums on the bus, demo our tracks on the train … and you can use The Choon Finder on a first date! That’s how we like to impress … and so should you!  Try and keep your iOS and other browsers as up to date for best results! Enjoy!

  • It's



    We’ve built our bunker, we’ve stocked up on supplies … The Junkies know the end of the world is coming! Do you? Come on! We’re not talking meteors and aliens … we’re talking bankers, governments … the Illuminati, man! They’re out to get us, they’re out to get you … we know it! So let’s have it … time the 1% get the message. We The People! It’s a Conspiracy … and the truth will out!

  • The



    Dinner parties. One minute you’re passing around the After Eight mints … and the next minute you’re removing your best mate’s wife’s bra! We’ve all been there! So at TFJ we had a rummage through some drawers and came across some tunes we bashed out years ago! Swingtastic! Put your keys in the bowl … and pray you don’t get Mr Watts from number 35! The Swingers Party … it’s sex in the suburbs!

  • Baggy,




    Ahhh … the hazy days of the 90’s. We remember them like it … no, hang on … we don’t remember them that well at all! Our Junky brain cells ain’t what they used to be. But we DO remember the music! Music that had riffs. Music that had melody. Music that made you wanna dance, mosh and sing-along! Oh well … at least we have One Direction to fill that gap now! Baggy, Britpop and Beyond … halcyon indie from the 90’s!

  • Totally


    Here’s a fact … we love to party! But even The Junkies need some R&R from time to time! A good rub down, a piece of fruit … failing that six weeks in The Priory! So along our rehab travels we got inspired to write a tune or two. 34 chilled out vibes, keeping the new age dial set low and the holistic knob cranked all the way to the right! Totally Zen … relaxing drones, tones and soundscapes!

  • Beyoncé






    HOORAH! Congratulations to Gareth Cash @ BSKYB who won two VIP tickets to see Beyoncé. Commiserations to everyone who didn’t win … we had a silly amount of entries but as always it’s first out of the hat … Gareth was the one that to shake his jelly that time!


  • FIX








    All of our tracks download with underscores and alternative mixes. But if you need one of the tracks tweaked then get on the blower and let us know! We can either get it changed in our state of the art 1980s studio or we can supply you with the stems and you can be all Superstar DJ yourself! Limo from the airport and champagne on ice not included!

  • Energy


    Ok … we’re bang on it here! We’re talking blood, sweat, tears. We’re talking no pain no gain and plenty of training. We’re talking like … no Greggs’ Cheese Pasties for a whole month! But if you want be the best then (as we know) dedication is what you need! Powerful beats, bouncing basslines, meaty guitars and lots of endorphin fun! Bring. It. On. Energy Buzz …. fully charged and ready to go!

  • Subtle



    Sometimes, us Junkies like to do something Posh. For Subtle Little Things we lost the beats and those banging bass lines and pulled out a brand new Alba microphone to capture some truly beautiful music! Halcyon countryside holidays, chilling out with friends in the park and delicately fragile moments. And you thought we didn’t have it in us?! Pfff!





    So here’s the deal. Use our music and get free stuff … it’s as simple as that. Some would call them bribes, others would call them incentives … we call them KICKBACKS! If you can prove that you’ve slipped some of our funky vibes into your productions, or given us a good idea, then you may just get something extra funky from the Junkies!

  • Winning


    Everyone knows by now that The Funky Junkies are the rock stars of library. Just the other week Trucker Trash was out until 1am and had to get the night bus all the way back to East Dulwich! So … who you gonna turn to if you want some “fist in the air” indie rock anthems fit for a sports stadium or two?! Well … it’s obviously gonna be us innit! Winning Indie … plugged in stadium anthems!

  • 8



    We plugged a ZX Spectrum into an Atari into an Amstrad into a BBC Micro Computer into a Speak ‘n’ Spell into an Akai S900 into a handheld Donkey Kong game into a copy of Space Invaders into a vocoder synth into a guitar amp. Then we typed into the ZX Spectrum >10 PRINT “THE FUNKY JUNKIES ARE SKILL” >20 GOT0 10. Then we hit record on the tape machine! 8 Bit Trips … addicted to bytes!

  • And






    Fancy keeping up with the random rants and musings of us here at Junkies HQ? Then why not follow our blog where we’ll be setting the world to rights from time to time over a particularly fine Pouilly-Fuissé and Café Creme cigars! (Don’t expect daily updates … even monthly would be pushing it!)

  • Other


    Aliens. If you know anything about us then you’ll know that we’d be believers! But after years of sending telepathic messages to the E.T.’s … they still haven’t come to get us! Enough is enough. Time to go find them ourselves! So grab your Space Raiders (only 20p!), fasten your seatbelts and join us on The Funky Junkies’ magical mystery tour to the stars! Other Worlds … it’s like … really spaced out, man!

  • Seaside


    If you’re anything like The Funky Junkies, you’ll be tightening your belt and swapping the Seychelles for the Seaside this year! So we rustled up 37 summery, guitary tracks (yeah … 37, baby … we don’t mess about you know!) to take along for the ride! With the Fun Button firmly taped down on the mixing desk, we made sure that we covered every eventuality! Seaside Rock … a bumper load of summer fun!

  • Beds,





    Don’t forget that all the tracks have lots of alternate versions for you to delve into. Screeching synth line getting in the way? Bin the Main Mix and use the Basic Mix! Vocals not needed. Lose them quick smart … and use the Bed Mix! It’s like Speed Dating but with choons instead of double-baggers. Not that we’ve ever been Speed Dating … ahem …


  • Cranked


    Natural this, no colourings that, free from preservatives … blah de bloody blah! Where’s the fun in eating all that rubbish? No wonder kids today look so ill all the time! What they need is the staple diet what made us Junkies the fine figures we are today! Sugar. Colourings. Fat. Flavourings. Preservatives! Those things make you feel good ‘innit!? Cranked Kids … 100% artificial everything!

  • Coffeeshop


    Right then. Take one tall, skinny, 180 Degrees, Half Caff Macchiato. Add a touch of caramel and a sprinkle of grated chocolate. Take a seat. Roll up a Colombian Doobie. Light it. Order a couple of space cakes and chow down. Come on … we’re all adults here! You thought we meant coffeeshop as in Starbucks? You do know we’re called The Funky Junkies right?! Coffeeshop Vibes … 27 mellow flavours!

  • Funky


    So the brief from the Boss Man Tim went something like this. “Right. Here’s an old drum kit, some guitars, a bass, a horn section, some breakbeats, a keyboard and sampler, a crate of dusty vinyl and a pair of decks. Get jammin’!’ Junkies enter studio. Junkies exit studio 79 minutes later with this little lot. Junkies smugly return to telly and KFC bucket. Funky Jams … sticky, lickin‘ fixes!

  • Want






    No Junky is an island as the saying goes. We might be massive show offs giving it the big one but we also like to listen to you from time to time! So using this new fangled interweb thing we can stay in touch everyday! Facebook, Twitter, Skype, MSN … we’re on them all! We can’t guarantee that we’ll be coherent 100% of the time (especially before 11am!) but we’ll try our best … ok?

  • Proper


    Footballers. They’re overpaid. They’re underworked. They’re non-stop shaggers! And you know what us Junkies say?! Nice work if you can get it! But glory don’t come easy. It takes trials, training, plenty of punditry and some big match moments. So until you’ve done your time and proved you’ve got real talent … get stuck in and give it some welly! Proper Soccer …  this ain’t no fantasy football …

  • We






    Think you’ve got what it takes to be one of The Funky Junkies? We’ll be the judge of that! Get over to Soundcloud and send us your demos. We’ll either have a right laugh at your expense or we’ll offer you a lucrative recording contract … all the peanuts you can eat!

  • Sex,







    Here we go! The Funky Junkies‘ first release starts as we mean to go on  namely a hedonistic mix of bass, beats, guitars and debauchery! Each and every track has been designed to get your crotch, teeth and axe grinding … all at the same time! You want it big? You want it hard? You want it so, so bad?!?! Careful what you wish for because with SDRNR … resistance is futile.

  • Feed





    Sign up, get involved, crack open the fireworks and enter our competitions! To thank those who love the Junkies, we’ll be running the odd prize draw for everyone on our mailing list to win some very tasty prizes. Hand over a great idea to us Funky Ones and then we’ll send you some branded junk that we have laying around the office to thank you!

  • Takeaway


    lt’s a pretty simple concept. We love music. And we bloody LOVE takeaways. So we mashed the two together! We took some spicy flavas, the odd drum loop or ten, plenty of instruments from around the world and then cooked ‘em up into a taste explosion! Takeaway Menu … hot and spicy … with extra cheese!

  • Want




    Give us your details and we’ll keep you up to date with all our Funky Stuff!  Competitions, new tracks, incentives, news, gossip, deals, parties and pranks! We promise we won’t sell on your details to anyone and will try not to leave them on an unsecured USB stick aboard the 18.39 from Waterloo!

  • Tech


    Computers, the internet, broadband connections and (our personal favourite) website streaming. We love ‘em all! Yet every now and again disaster strikes. We’re talking crashes, disconnections, computer viruses and general technology woes. But don’t worry! Help is at hand! Pass the hammer and let The Funky Junkies have a crack at it! Tech Heads … smashed up electronica for shouting over!



    All the Junkies are available for commissions, bespoke writing and composing to picture. And we can also remix our existing tracks, shorten them, make them longer, add vocals … well pretty much anything you need us to do really. We can even come to your office and do a little dance for the right price! Get on the blower or email the Junkies HQ and tell us what you need.

  • Freaky


    Africa plus Library normally equals majestic soundtracks and tribal drumming. Oh dear … how boring! We’re The Funky Junkies … we don’t do normal and we don’t do boring! Our formula was quite different. Take a kicking track (dance, rock, funk, indie) then sample up a bunch of African vibes and slap them across the top! Mental or what?! Freaky Africa … welcome to the bizarre safari!

  • Give





    We can‘t think of everything! We’re good … but not that good! So if you have an idea for an album, a track or a feature for our website, email us with your suggestions. Depending on what you come up with, we’ll send you some our Funky Junkies Junk like t-shirts, USB sticks, headphones and other such love.

  • Back




    Remember the old skool? Baggy jeans, floppy hair? The pills, the thrills, the lights, the lasers? The 303? The 808? Chicago House and Detroit Acid? What’s your name, where you from? Flyers, free raves, hardcore, you know the score? The happy, smiley faces of a blissed out generation? Well here is Back In The Day … and it’s time to take it back …

  • Use







    Wanna win some hand picked, top notch prizes? For every Funky Junkies album release we will be running a competition to win some very tasty prizes. To enter the competitions, just tell us when and where you’ve used our music!

  • Head




    The Master of The Funky Junkies Universe is a geezer called Tim Rushent. Along with being a part-time Ricky Gervais lookalike, Tim sits in the studio with the Junkies pushing the tracks that little bit further. This normally involves panning things around a lot, ordering in pizza, occasionally saying ‘Yeah, that sounds better” when we haven’t changed a thing and generally getting in the way.

  • Destination


    After listening to the completed CD of this album even we sat back in horror and said, “We’ve gone too far this time!” Swinging from the sublime to the ridiculous, this album will help you find new ways to ‘Have It‘ and new ways to ‘Chill’! So pack the choons into your rucksack and head off into the sunset! Destination Exploration … completely lose it on planet earth!

  • Show





    You diggin’ us? You liking this? You feeling The Funky Junkies vibe, baby? Then help us spread the gospel of The Funky Junkies around the world and link us up to your social network! In return (if we think you’re worthy!) we’ll give away a pair of our very exclusive The Funky Junkies headphones so you can listen to our funky stuff in crystal clear stereo and in our red and white style! Shhhhhexy!

  • IT'S


    Oh alright then … it isn’t … yet. But it will be … soon! So if you’re in need of something festive for a project you’re working on …. you’ve arrived at the right place! Check out the Christmas Playlist or some albums that feel like Christmas! Kinda Christmassy, Calm & Cosy, A Very Retro Christmas and some of the choice tracks on Delicately Fragile! You’ll be digging into the sherry in no time! 😉