Hello, good evening and welcome! This is the live feed from The Funky Junkies studio – currently inhabited by our in-house composers Dean and Jason! The lads actually live at the studio and are on call 24 hours a day to compose, edit, master and drink coffee! Seriously! Chat with them LIVE on the CHAT button (bottom right) or give us a shout if you want them to knock you up a little musical magic! You can even watch them compose your brief LIVE on the webcam! ‘Mazin!

(Today’s session – station ident.)

If you can’t see nowt here then sorry dude but our webcam is currently offline

… there are some things that The Funky Junkies have to do in private (think accounts, spamming clients and visits to the clinic.) But don’t worry … if you are after a visual feast then feel free to press hit ‘Wiz it’ on The Choon Finder a few times or check out the Junkies page!