No Junky is an island as the saying goes. We might be massive show offs giving it the big one but we also like to listen to you from time to time! So using this new fangled interweb thing we can stay in touch everyday! Facebook, X, Threads, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype … we’re on them all! We can’t guarantee that we’ll be coherent 100% of the time (especially before 11am!) but we’ll try our best … ok? And of course you can always get us on the 24/7 Junkies hotline on +447549925710!

And why not sign up, get involved, crack open the fireworks and enter our competitions!? To thank those who love the Junkies, we like to run the odd prize draw for everyone on our mailing list and social media thingymibobs to win some very tasty prizes! Hand over a great idea to us Funky Ones and then we’ll send you some branded Junkies swag that we have laying around the office to thank you! Or let us know if you’ve used our music and maybe you’ll become rock stars like we are via the competitions too!

Don’t just sit there … doooo iiiiit!