Boxfresh Promo Beats : Kids
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To round off the celebrations of us Junkies getting to 100 albums and beyond … it’s time for a classic TFJ kids album … the final part to our Boxfresh Promo Beats series. You know what that means? A hotchpotch party of raggle-taggled-mish-mashed-hip-hoppy boom bap, upbeat-crunchy-chunky-funky choons and a sprinkle of overly-energetic fun dance tracks …. with the emphasis put fairly and squarely on those beats! So help yourself to a slice of cake and raise a glass of orange squash … despite all the odds … hip-hip-hooray … The Funky Junkies made it to 100 albums and beyond! Phew! It must be way past our bedtimes … we’re going for a little nap! Boxfresh Promo Beats : Kids … party like you’re 9 years old again!

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