Just in case you didn’t know … “The Funky Junkies” is an MCPS/PRS registered music library. That means you can’t use our music for free … we gotta eat too you know! If you use any of our music then you must report all usage to the MCPS/PRS or they’ll send the heavies round. Failing that … we will!


You can now get quotes and license our music using the new Library Licence Manager from the MCPS/PRS on THIS link. It’s an excellent tool to get a great price for our music … and your license.
And don’t panic … if you have any questions you can phone those very helpful people in their the media licensing team on 0207 306 4500.

To help make things simple for you, we have set out the exact details you need to report to the MCPS/PRS in the audio’s filename and the MP3’s ID3 tags. You’ll can also find additional info for a track by hitting its info icon, by clicking on an alternative mix of the track under its waveform … or by clicking on the track you’re previewing under the MUSIC and PLAYLIST tabs.

Easy ‘innit?!

If you need any help then just give us a shout on +44 (0) 7549 925 710

For outside of the UK please contact our overseas agents or contact us directly if your country is not yet listed.

North America, Canada and South America
Warner/Chappell Production Music
777 S. Santa Fe Ave.
Los Angeles
CA 90021
t: 1.818.238.6300
e: steven.wright@warnerchappellpm.com
w: www.warnerchappellpm.com

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland
Upright Music ApS
Vesterbrogade 74
4th Floor
Copenhagen V
t: +45 70 26 14 00
e: mail@upright-music.com
w: www.upright-music.com

Netherlands, Germany and Belgium
BMG Production Music
Familie de Mollaan 1
1217 ZB
t: +31 35 760 14 80
e: info@musicdirector.nl
w: www.musicdirector.nl/

South Korea
2F Shinchung bldg.
#8 Nonhyun-dong
Seoul 135-812
t: + 82 534-8408
e: admin@mediacube.co.kr
w: www.mediacube.co.kr

Taiwan, Hong Kong and China
Echo Music
F 1, No. 10-1, Ln 107, Sec. 2,
He Ping East Road, Taipei 106
Taiwan R.O.C.
t: +886 (0)2 27071170
f: +886 (0)2 27071171
e: robert@echomusic.com.tw
w: www.echomusicpg.com
w: www.echomusic.com.cn

CDM Music Library
2 Rue Ledru Rollin 92240 MALAKOFF
t: +33 01 47 35 46 05
e: info@cdm-music.com
w: www.cdm-music.com

Italy, Vatican City
Piazza Martiri della Liberta’ 10
10026 Santena (TO)
t: +39 001 9494330
e: info@villasaramusic.com
w: www.villasaramusic.com

Australia, New Zealand and Fiji
Beatbox Music Pty Ltd.
Suite 9
7 Ramsay Road
Pennant Hills
NSW 2120
t: +61 (02) 9484 2321
e: info@beatboxmusic.com
w: www.beatboxmusic.com

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia
Beatbox Music (S) Pte Ltd.
21 Cavan Road
Singapore 209852
t: +65 6345 3575
e: cyndy@beatboxmusic.com
w: www.beatboxmusic.com

South Africa
Red Igloo
31 Windeena Avenue
Pine Park 2194
South Africa
e: fred@redigloomusic.com
w: www.redigloomusic.com

Miles of Music, Ltd. (Music Publishing)
P.O. Box 52091
Tel Aviv
T: 972.548.333.510

Groovers Music Library
Stomp Inc. & Groove Co., Ltd. Music Library Division
Grace-I, 5th Floor, 5-6-12 Nishitenma,
Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047
t: (81) 6-6367-8079 or (81) 6-6365-9350
f: (81) 6-6365-9352
e: info@groovers-music.com
w: www.groovers-music.com

Greece and Cyprus
Music For Ads
9a Sofokleous str.
Chalandri 152 32
T: +302106888866
e: info@musicforads.com
w: www.musicforads.com