OK, OK! Here’s how it goes. Choose a TEMPO. Choose an ERA. Choose a GENRE .. or two! Choose a type of USAGE … or two … or three! Choose a VIBE … or two … or three … or four! And choose them in absolutely ANY ORDER you wish! You can even change your choices by toggling the buttons on and off … and The Choon Finder will instantly refine your selection … racking up the best results and listing them for you when you press HIT IT! From there you can remove selections to reveal tracks that got disregarded, filter your results further by typing in an extra search words, reorder them in different ways and even exclude a few irrelevant styles that you don’t need. If you want to delve even further … switch on the DIG DEEPER mode to double click down to exactly what you need … with really tight results!

If you’d rather just go freestyle … you can use the search bar and bosh in your own search terms … and if you’re looking for a specific track title or genre then using Quote Markswill help! The choice is yours!

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Now get finding … or give the HOTLINE a tinkle for some help with any music searches you need!

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