So here is how it goes. Choose a tempo. Choose an era.¬†Choose a genre .. or two! Choose a type of usage … or two … or three! Choose a vibe … or two … or three … or four! And choose them in absolutely any order you wish! You can even change your choices by toggling the buttons on and off … and The Choon Finder will instantly refine your selection¬†… dialling up the best results and listing them for you when you press HIT IT! If at any time you want to start over … then just press BIN IT! We can’t make it any easier … trust us … we tried! Happy Finding with The Choon Finder! TOP TIP – If you are looking for a specific title or something else specific, for instance Music Hall, use quote marks around the search term … like this … “Music Hall”! (or just give us a tinkle on the dog and bone – 07549 925 710 – and we’ll do the search for you … or even compose it from scratch within 12 hours!)

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