Just as people like hanging out with The Funky Junkies, we like hanging out at these places:

The Onion // We like to keep abreast of worldwide developments. That’s why we choose The Onion.

This Is Why I’m Broke // We got royalties to spend! And wages from the Saturday job!

Teddington Cheese // These guys actually send all types of cheese in the post! Stashtastic!

Digital Village // OK, we got a gear habit! But we’ve also got us a great supplier! Check it!

Just Eat // Another late night in the studio can only mean one thing … midnight feast!

Rough Trade // There’s research … and then there’s The Funky Junkies type research!

Time Out (London) // For when we decide to venture out of Soho’s dive bars!

Friends of Irony // “Isn’t it Ironic?” sang Alanis … well … this stuff really is Ms Morissette!

Poorly Dressed // Mainly pictures of The Funky Junkies dressed up to the nines and out on the town!

Failbook // Facebook. It brings out the dumb in everyone! Even us … sometimes! 😉

Very Demotivational // Give yourself a pep talk and have a shifty at this! See … you feel better already huh?!

The Amen Break // You know it. We love it. You love it. It’s almost everything to us!

Pirate Radio // These guys are keeping the underground vibe alive. Boooooom!

Noise Fusion // These geezers cut, splice, smash and bash bleeps and blops for some serious radio imaging vibes!

Disc Wizards // More magic than Paul Daniels and Harry Potter wrestling in a vat of magic wands!

Jelly Belly // We love our sweeties and these scrummy beans of yumminess put the Funky into The Junkies!

Texts From Last Night // Waste some time finding out what drunk people from around the world got up to last night!

Post Secret // Waste more time finding out what secrets people carry around with them but never tell

Check The Label // Super duper graphic designery bloke who did our super duper pill logo! Take THAT Apple!

Fluid Mastering // Groovy mastering facility that adds a sprinkling of magic fairy dust to get our mixes BANG ON!

Jack Loves Robots // Jack is the dude who does all the photography, animations and artwork for our CDs.

Chris North // Mr North did our dancing promo videos for us. If you want to hire him then email us and we’ll pimp him out.

Jonathan Cainer // Jonathan … tell us man … will we meet a tall handsome stranger today … ????

Photoshop Distasters // The worlds best collection of screwed up photoshopping!

There I Fixed It // Brilliant bodge jobs (that’s bodge jobs!)

Bar Crawl // Find out the best pub crawls in any city in the UK. Make ours a double will ya?

This Is Why You’re Fat // We just like looking at the pictures … honest!

Funny or Die // This is where we steal most of our jokes from.

Turn Me Up // Geeky technical reasoning on why we keep our mastering nice and phat but still dynamic!

Dynamic Range // More ‘Loudness War’ info … this dynamics stuff is pretty important to us … as it makes our tracks sound better!