Documentary Hues (Grey Anxiety)

These are difficult times. Unprecedented they say. We’ve lived in a bubble for a very long time … and now … well … that bubble has burst. In the final instalment of our Documentary Hues series …the paranoia is palpable … Continued

Documentary Hues (Blue Melancholy)

Ok … the second instalment of our Documentary Hues series … is a toughie … no matter what’s going on in the world right now. It’s probably best you don’t listen to this album for leisure … unless you’re really … Continued

Documentary Hues (Amber Hope)

Yes, we will agree. Things have gone a bit sideways. And yes … we’ll also agree … not just sideways … but pear-shaped too. It’s hard to stay positive sometimes. But somewhere between despair and joy … is hope. And … Continued

Big Hitters

The Funky Junkies … we’re lovers, not fighters! But when it comes to the beats … we like them to pack a punch. So here’s the big challenge we set ourselves …. beefy beats without the anger. Nothing too gnarly, … Continued

Sophisticated Synthage – Part 2 (Retrograde)

Compared to its companion Sophisticated Synthage Part 1 (Futuristic) … this album flips the script and turn things upside down. By keeping the melodies simple, the drums toned down and the production a little more naive, The Funky Junkies flirted … Continued

Sophisticated Synthage – Part 1 (Futuristic)

We do love some tweaking … so with this album us Junkies gently massaged the more refined vibes from our beautiful synths. From the Juno to the Prophet, the Liberation to the DX7, the Odyssey to the 303 … we … Continued

Super Grinny Mini Tracks

Cheeky chappies, silly billies, funky … um … junkies  … this one has the lot! The last in our Happy Tracks series of albums really doesn’t take itself very seriously at all! In fact … you could say it’s taking … Continued

Super Contentedly Friendly Tracks

Awwwwww …. aren’t your friends just the best? From your gal pals to boyfriends, your solid mates to those buddies you can call on when you’re in need … if you have a best friend or two in your life … Continued

Super Smirky Perky Tracks

Rise and shine, Campers! That’s right …. it’s time to get up and at ’em! Us Junkies might love a lie in … but there’s musical works to be made! And here’s some we made earlier! The first instalment from … Continued

Super Happy Clappy Tracks

We’ve always said it … The Funky Junkies are here to make you happy … very happy! Come on … you can do it! Turn that frown upside down! Don’t be such a cynic … you look better with a … Continued