Simply Plinky Plonky

Plinky Plonky. When you hear those words … you simply know what you’re going to get! So we won’t bore you with the details! Suffice to say that the Junkies filled this album up with more reality plink than you … Continued

Delicately Fragile

Aaahhh … the countryside. It’s great, isn’t it? So when us Junkies got a day out of the studio … we pulled on our wellies, jumped on a train and got down … riverside … to the pub! But as … Continued

Filmic Fluffiness

Forget the blockbusters, forget the superheroes … you want kudos? You go arty! These tracks are directed for those moments when you need something that feels more personal, independent and a little … well … arthouse. Feathery strings entwined with powdery pianos … Continued

Sweet Underscores

Following on from its zingy sister album Fresh Underscores … this collection of 30 tracks takes things a little softer and a little smoother. Frothy, creamy, dreamy servings gently mixed and mastered by the Junkies to politely sit in the background yet … Continued

Funky Grooves

We’re at it again with the funky shiz! Here’s how us Funky Junkies do it. You’ll need a few slices of breaky beaty drums, a layer of chunky bass, some grated guitars and a dusting of our special mix of brass … Continued

Fresh Underscores

We know what it’s like … you’ve always got a thirst on … a thirst for great underscores that is! Well … voilà! This album is packed full of juicy tracks to bed in behind your voiceovers and give your … Continued

Inspiringly Uplifting

In this world of apparent doom and gloom, it turns out that there are actually people who just want to do good. They want to change the world, walk on the sunny side of the street and generally make things … Continued

Calm & Cosy

Brrrrrrr! It’s getting cooooold out there! But never fear, The Funky Junkies are here and we’ve got your back until April! We’ll bring you warm cups of cocoa, hot water bottles and plenty of glowing tracks to help you through … Continued

Vintage Fashions

You’ve seen us. Out and about? We look the Don. Right? Right! Whether we’re greasing up, getting down, pogoing in the middle or hippying it out at the festivals … we’ve got the look! This album brings The Funky Junkies’ … Continued

Waves & Pulses

Scientists, programmers, brainiacs … listen up. The world needs you now more than ever! You do the maths, the complicated research, the analysis of the results … and The Funky Junkies will make the coffees! This album is a comprehensive … Continued