Kaleidoscopic Compositions

We know what you’re wondering. “If only there was an album that encapsulated beauty, science, nature, mathematics, art, philosophy, wanderlust, introspection, discoveries, physics, kinetics, time travel, luminescence, colour, geometry, impressionisms, particles, astrobiology, mechanics, flora, ingenuity, love, dance, abstraction, theorem, balance, … Continued

Playfully Percussive

Do you like to play? Then The Funky Junkies made this album just for you! Featuring quirky little pieces shining with colour and character that playfully tease, taunt and trick … with a nudge and a wink and a smile! … Continued

A Very Magical Christmas

It’s Christmas! Well not quite … but it will be soon enough! Behold … The Funky Junkies bring you the joy, the wonder and the whole twinkly sparkle-fest! 10 original compositions brimming with classic festive cheer … followed by 30 … Continued

Boxfresh Promo Beats : Kids

To round off the celebrations of us Junkies getting to 100 albums and beyond … it’s time for a classic TFJ kids album … the final part to our Boxfresh Promo Beats series. You know what that means? A hotchpotch … Continued

Boxfresh Promo Beats : Fashion

Woo hoo! Album TFJ100! And this album sits pretty as the fourth part to our Boxfresh Promo Beats series! As it’s album 100 … we used it to emphasise The Funky Junkies world famous brand! Cheeky, classy, scruffy, stylish, jokey, … Continued

Boxfresh Promo Beats : Lifestyle

Now that we’re nearly ‘100’ … it’s time to treat ourselves! So join us as we splash the cash and buy something nice! If you can’t afford to do that … don’t worry … that’s what credit cards are made … Continued

Boxfresh Promo Beats : Summer

With us celebrating becoming 100 albums young … we’ve gone back to our roots with the Boxfresh Promo Beats series … and brought the beats back! And this second instalment feels a lot like a very fun summer in the … Continued

Boxfresh Promo Beats : Sports

To take The Funky Junkies up to 100 albums and beyond … we’re gonna celebrate by bringing those beats back! And OOOFF … this particular album takes no prisoners! The first part to our Boxfresh Promo Beats series fizzes with … Continued

Country Folk : Winter

The final part to the Junkies’ Country Folk Series shimmers, sparkles, shines and feels bloody freezing! That’s right … it’s Winter! Perfect for soundtracking snowy scenes (obviously!) but also for those quieter moments inside as we hibernate away from the … Continued

Country Folk : Autumn

And then came Autumn! The third instalment in TFJs Country Folk Series is nostalgic, reflective and at times even a little sentimental. But never fear … this album is also peppered with celebratory moments too! Golden Americana and amber country … Continued