A Very Magical Christmas

It’s Christmas! Well not quite … but it will be soon enough! Behold … The Funky Junkies bring you the joy, the wonder and the whole twinkly sparkle-fest! 10 original compositions brimming with classic festive cheer … followed by 30 … Continued

Boxfresh Promo Beats : Kids

To round off the celebrations of us Junkies getting to 100 albums and beyond … it’s time for a classic TFJ kids album … the final part to our Boxfresh Promo Beats series. You know what that means? A hotchpotch … Continued

Boxfresh Promo Beats : Fashion

Woo hoo! Album TFJ100! And this album sits pretty as the fourth part to our Boxfresh Promo Beats series! As it’s album 100 … we used it to emphasise The Funky Junkies world famous brand! Cheeky, classy, scruffy, stylish, jokey, … Continued

Boxfresh Promo Beats : Lifestyle

Now that we’re nearly ‘100’ … it’s time to treat ourselves! So join us as we splash the cash and buy something nice! If you can’t afford to do that … don’t worry … that’s what credit cards are made … Continued

Boxfresh Promo Beats : Summer

With us celebrating becoming 100 albums young … we’ve gone back to our roots with the Boxfresh Promo Beats series … and brought the beats back! And this second instalment feels a lot like a very fun summer in the … Continued

Boxfresh Promo Beats : Sports

To take The Funky Junkies up to 100 albums and beyond … we’re gonna celebrate by bringing those beats back! And OOOFF … this particular album takes no prisoners! The first part to our Boxfresh Promo Beats series fizzes with … Continued

Country Folk : Winter

The final part to the Junkies’ Country Folk Series shimmers, sparkles, shines and feels bloody freezing! That’s right … it’s Winter! Perfect for soundtracking snowy scenes (obviously!) but also for those quieter moments inside as we hibernate away from the … Continued

Country Folk : Autumn

And then came Autumn! The third instalment in TFJs Country Folk Series is nostalgic, reflective and at times even a little sentimental. But never fear … this album is also peppered with celebratory moments too! Golden Americana and amber country … Continued

Country Folk : Summer

The second album in our Country Folk Series is all about those glorious summers! Holidays and vacations, outdoor pursuits and pastimes, travel and adventure … who doesn’t love some sun rays in the countryside? “So long as they’re not TOO … Continued

Country Folk : Spring

We made it … winter is over! So let’s get this show on the road! The Country Folk Series from us Junkies springs into life with its first instalment … and you’ll find that each album contains a curated selection … Continued