Racy Indie

Look … romantic candlelit cheese and wine dates are all well and good … but sometimes … you gotta step things up a notch! And that’s exactly where the final album of the Indie Intensities Series comes to save the … Continued

Lovely Indie

Aaaah … that rush of love to the head … and to the heart! Magical, intoxicating … this part of the Indie Intensities Series is definitely the indie sugar to the Sleazy Indie spice! Yep … the intensity of falling … Continued

Sleazy Indie

Ok … let’s do this. It’s time to get your freak on! The first part of our Indie Intensities Series is a little bit rude and a very bit naughty! But before you avert your eyes … come and explore … Continued

Real Crimes : Missing Persons

Unlike its sister albums, the third album in the Real Crimes Series is much less determined. It’s at a loss. It’s in despair. It’s broken-hearted. With many more questions asked than any actual answers available … it waits in hope … Continued

Real Crimes : Surveillance

The fourth and final part of the Real Crimes Series has its sights trained on everyone … watching and waiting for the corruption and criminality to be committed! Spying, stakeouts, CCTV … Big Brother sees you! So be good … … Continued

Real Crimes : Investigation

For the second album in TFJ’s Real Crimes Series … we put on our best grubby detective coats and got looking for answers! Documents piled up on the desk, search warrants were obtained and evidence was sifted through thoroughly! Even … Continued

Real Crimes : Forensics

The first instalment of our Real Crimes Series gets straight down to the nitty gritty! Deep diving down into the sciencey stuff … this collection of tracks tests, traces and gets stuck in. Sample, decode, analyse …. and you’ll find … Continued

Intricate Connections

Being apart … well … as many of us have experienced … it can be tough. Friends missed, families separated and lovers distant. Sometimes life gets in the way of the people who are important to you. The connections you … Continued

Gripping Drones

Slow and creeping, blinding and suffocating, very dangerous, very disturbing … and very murderous! These drones are distilled, distorted and filtered, metallic, gaseous and deadly … your inner fears are about to be realised. Whether it’s radiation and poisons, desolate … Continued

Traditional Japan

Wow! We think this could be The Funky Junkies’ first purely traditional album!?! And what an album it is! In comparison to our Modern Japan album … this one is strictly Japanese and strictly traditional which swinging and swaying between … Continued