Country Folk : Summer

The second album in our Country Folk Series is all about those glorious summers! Holidays and vacations, outdoor pursuits and pastimes, travel and adventure … who doesn’t love some sun rays in the countryside? “So long as they’re not TOO … Continued

Country Folk : Spring

We made it … winter is over! So let’s get this show on the road! The Country Folk Series from us Junkies springs into life with its first instalment … and you’ll find that each album contains a curated selection … Continued

Jazz Manouche

Oh là là! The Funky Junkies went to France! And we sought out the finest gypsy jazz, swing and hot-club style jazz we could find! Chuggy guitars, subtle double bass, shuffling brushed kits, upbeat clarinets, swaying accordions and energetic fiddles … Continued

Healing Drones

A few albums back, us Junkies released TFJ082 Gripping Drones. It – was – dark. And the Universe doesn’t like that. We knew we had to redress the balance. So what is the opposite of darkness? Light! This album is … Continued

Sweet Underscores

Following on from its zingy sister album Fresh Underscores … this collection of 30 tracks takes things a little softer and a little smoother. Frothy, creamy, dreamy servings gently mixed and mastered by the Junkies to politely sit in the background yet … Continued

Light Documentary Textures

Flashes of light, moments of hope, feelings of good luck and uplifting scenes, shots and stories! Light Documentary Textures mixes a base of subtle joy and happiness… with hints of tender heartbreak. They say it’s always darkest just before dawn. … Continued

Racy Indie

Look … romantic candlelit cheese and wine dates are all well and good … but sometimes … you gotta step things up a notch! And that’s exactly where the final album of the Indie Intensities Series comes to save the … Continued

Lovely Indie

Aaaah … that rush of love to the head … and to the heart! Magical, intoxicating … this part of the Indie Intensities Series is definitely the indie sugar to the Sleazy Indie spice! Yep … the intensity of falling … Continued

Sleazy Indie

Ok … let’s do this. It’s time to get your freak on! The first part of our Indie Intensities Series is a little bit rude and a very bit naughty! But before you avert your eyes … come and explore … Continued

Real Crimes : Missing Persons

Unlike its sister albums, the third album in the Real Crimes Series is much less determined. It’s at a loss. It’s in despair. It’s broken-hearted. With many more questions asked than any actual answers available … it waits in hope … Continued