Inspiringly Uplifting

In this world of apparent doom and gloom, it turns out that there are actually people who just want to do good. They want to change the world, walk on the sunny side of the street and generally make things … Continued

Calm & Cosy

Brrrrrrr! It’s getting cooooold out there! But never fear, The Funky Junkies are here and we’ve got your back until April! We’ll bring you warm cups of cocoa, hot water bottles and plenty of glowing tracks to help you through … Continued

Vintage Fashions

You’ve seen us. Out and about? We look the Don. Right? Right! Whether we’re greasing up, getting down, pogoing in the middle or hippying it out at the festivals … we’ve got the look! This album brings The Funky Junkies’ … Continued

Waves & Pulses

Scientists, programmers, brainiacs … listen up. The world needs you now more than ever! You do the maths, the complicated research, the analysis of the results … and The Funky Junkies will make the coffees! This album is a comprehensive … Continued

Cutie Kids

For our 50th release we at The Funky Junkies felt a celebration was due with a very serious album … YEAH, RIGHT! Nah … not really … we know you know we’re just a load of big kids at TFJ … Continued

Winning Indie – The Rematch

Winning! That’s all we want! Victory after victory after victory … if we’re honest with one another … all we need to know is that we’re on top … every single time. Guess what?! The Funky Junkies are one step … Continued

Highway USA

America … land of the free and home of the brave. Seems like the great country lost its way a little bit. Rocky guitar lines, pumping bass riffs, crunchy drums grooves … The Funky Junkies want to celebrate the USA … Continued

Kooky, Quirky and Peculiar

Surely you’ve worked out that The Funky Junkies are a bit odd by now? Freaky, deeky, weird and wonderful … mixed with some quirks, irks, fun and frolicks! That’s us! So it’s only natural that we put an album together … Continued

Full House

Sometimes … you gotta play it cool! Here at The Funky Junkies we do like a good knees up … but every now and again we splash on the old Issey Miyake, get down to the classier joints in town … Continued

Swag Beats

Bad boys. The girls love ’em. Gangs, Gangsters and a load of G’s … they just can’t get enough of them! Of course … The Funky Junkies fit right in! Boisterous beats, phat basslines, dope samples … this album packs … Continued